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The Law Offices of Richard Robles practices bankruptcy, commercial litigation, real estate litigation, real estate title services, foreclosures, loan modifications corporate and business law among various other areas of practice in the Miami area. Our experienced and personalized approach makes the difference. Our law firm specializes in both Florida and Puerto Rico law. We serve both Florida and Puerto Rico.

Who we are?


Our firm practices law in a variety of areas including litigation, real estate matters, bankruptcy, corporate, personal injury, white collar criminal defense, among others. If you have a legal concern, in the Miami area or Puerto Rico, please contact us. Whether you are looking for a bankruptcy attorney in Miami, a personal injury attorney in Miami, or a real estate attorney in Miami, our office will be happy to help you.

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Our mission at the Law Offices of Richard R. Robles, P.A. is to efficiently achieve maximum results for our clients. We strive at providing excellence at a reasonable rate.

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Law Offices of Richard R. Robles P.A. has represented clients in many high profile matters from a broad array of law including mergers and acquisitions, Fair Labor Standards Act litigation, federal employment discrimination cases to ephedra litigation, customs valuations and disciplinary proceedings, personal injury, real estate broker disputes and interpleaders, bankruptcies and thousands of other matters for our clients in Florida and Puerto Rico.

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Miami Bankruptcy Law Firm

The Law Offices of Richard R. Robles, P.A. is a leading Miami bankruptcy law firm serving customers in both Florida and Puerto Rico. The bankruptcy services that we provide include: debtor filings (all chapters), creditors’ rights, adversary proceedings, negotiation of reaffirmation agreements, relief from automatic stay proceedings and seizure of collateral, financial planning and debt restructuring agreements. Our bankruptcy law firm in Miami handles all chapters including but not limited to Chapter 7, Chapter 13, Chapter 11 and Chapter 15.

Personal Injury

Here at the Law Offices of Richard R. Robles we have one of the best teams of Personal Injury Lawyers in Miami and the surrounding areas. Personal Injury refers to any wrong or damage done to another, either in his person, rights, reputation or property. Personal injury services that we provide include both plaintiff and defense representation relating to: products liability litigation, automobile accidents, boating accidents and admiralty law, slip and falls, assault and battery, negligent security, negligent supervision, social host liability and medical malpractice.

Commercial Litigation

Commercial litigation services that we provide include: litigation matters for both creditors and debtors, contractual litigation, promissory notes, mortgages, security agreements, mechanic liens, condominium association assessments, collections, garnishments and replevin actions.


Foreclosure services that our attorneys in Miami provide include: residential foreclosures, commercial foreclosures, mechanic lien foreclosures, judgment lien foreclosures, condominium association lien foreclosures, tax lien foreclosures, homeowner association lien foreclosures, deficiency judgments and enforcement of security agreements. When dealing with foreclosures in Miami, Puerto Rico, or other areas, there are many factors to consider, so it is important to find a good law firm experienced with foreclosures.

Loan Modifications

Loan modification services that we provide include: negotiation with residential and commercial lenders, debt settlement negotiations, review of loan documents and modification agreements, negotiations and communications with government agencies, representing borrowers in mediation, and representing borrowers in foreclosure defense actions.

Real Estate Services

Real estate litigation and title services that we provide include: real estate broker-associate disputes, escrow disputes, interpleader actions, procuring cause disputes, commercial breach of contract disputes, residential breach of contract disputes, bankruptcy disputes, real estate closing in Miami and Puerto Rico, real estate sales in Miami and Puerto Rico, real estate sales in Miami and Puerto Rico, title examination and closing services, title litigation and fraud and breach of fiduciary duty actions.

Corporate & Business Law

Corporate and business law services that the Law Offices of Richard R. Robles provide for Florida and Puerto Rico clients provide include: incorporations, contracts and corporate documentation, international corporate law, internal corporate governance and organization, planning for all types of business entities, internal corporate disputes, corporate dissolution, derivative actions, director/officer liability, employer/employee disputes and corporate mergers and acquisitions.

General Practice

As a licensed real estate associate, Richard Robles also assists clients with real estate sales consulting services. In addition, to real estate services we provide business planning and consulting services. We also provide guardianship services, probate services, wills and trusts.. Our firm practices in a diverse array of legal areas in Florida and Puerto Rico.  You can contact us for more information about our areas of practice and qualifications. For more information please click here.

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    Congratulations to The House on the River

    May 14th, 2024   The House on the River is an extraordinary riverfront restaurant located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The restaurant sits in the historic Bryan Homes and is a true part of Fort Lauderdale history. Steven D’Apuzzo, with Society 8 Hospitality Group, has worked endlessly to recreate this culinary wonder. The premises was part of the Riverfront Cruise and Anticipation Yacht Charters, LLC which was affected by the COVID-19 pandemic and went [...]

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    Extending A Hand

    Florida’s Puerto Rican Lawyers offer a way for the island’s law students to continue studying. In 1992, Richard Robles was a commuter student at Florida International University when Hurricane Andrew struck southern Miami-Dade County . The eye passed over his home, which was destroyed, forcing Robles to move in with his friends nearby. A year later, he got his bachelor’s degree in business from FIU. Robles recalled the experience last fall, nearly two months after [...]

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    Hialeah Condo Association Revived in Bankruptcy

    11.21.2014 By: Samantha Joseph, Daily Business Review The well ran dry (Bankruptcy) for the Bella Luna Condominium Association.About a quarter of its residents were in default on maintenance dues, creditors were battling the association in court, new lawsuits were in the pipeline, and it had one day left before Hialeah planned to disconnect its water supply over nearly $453,000 in unpaid bills.With one business day left before losing utilities, the association took the unusual step [...]

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    Bankruptcy Court Dismisses Chapter 11 Case in Favor of Minority Members

    On August 7, 2014, U.S. Bankruptcy Judge John K. Olson dismissed the Chapter 11 bankruptcy case of Debtor DocAssist, LLC in favor of the minority members Rolando and Alex Barberis. The minority members had been litigating a case in state court and had obtained a favorable ruling invalidating certain governance actions. The majority members then placed DocAssist, LLC into bankruptcy under Chapter 11. The court applied the Rooker-Feldman doctrine determining that federal courts are not [...]

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    Confirmed Plan of Rookery Bay Business Park, LLC Eliminates $9,920,000 of Debt

    On March 12, 2014, the Court confirmed the Chapter 11 plan of Rookery Bay Business Park, LLC. The confirmed plan eliminated a total of $9,920,000 of debt. Of this amount secured debt was reduced from $9.75 million to $2.67 million. Unsecured non-priority debt was reduced from $2.85 million to $10,000. Richard R. Robles, P.A. represented the Debtor, Rookery Bay Business Park, LLC.

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    Message From Attorney Richard R. Robles Concerning COVID-19

    MESSAGE FROM ATTORNEY RICHARD R. ROBLES This is a critical time for us all. COVID-19 has tested our patience, our economy and our resolve. It has threatened our families, friends and loved ones. It has affected our businesses and jobs. But we will overcome this. We will do what we have to do to get through these difficult times. And we will do this together. The courts are operational on a limited basis. Hearings are [...]

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    Post-Hurricane Irma Insurance Claims

    As we residents of the hurricane devastated areas can attest, a hurricane may not hit you just once.  After the storm passes, hurricanes can still hit property owners in the wallet as they deal with the aftermath and damage done to their homes and personal property.  Hurricane Irma was the largest hurricane that we have seen in years, and it is important to carefully choose those professionals that will handle your claims for storm related [...]

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    Compare Receivership versus Chapter 11 Bankruptcy for Condominium and Homeowner Associations

    Receivership versus Chapter 11 Bankruptcy for Condominium and Homeowner Associations If you are a member of a condominium and/or homeowner association, the following article - from a leading Miami bankruptcy attorney - may be useful and relevant to your specific circumstances: Condominium and homeowner associations are constantly confronted with financial issues which are left up to a board of directors consisting of unit owners and a management company to resolve.  Sometimes these financial issues are [...]

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    The Bankruptcy Antimodification Provision: Stripping Claims Holding Security Interest in Collateral Other Than the Principal Residence

    Bankruptcy Anti-modification When choosing your next bankruptcy attorney in Miami, you should make sure that he/she has knowledge of the following, as it may prove to be important in your case. In bankruptcy, debtors have the ability to strip down or strip off mortgages and liens on real property as long as the real property is worth less than the mortgage or lien.  However, when the real property constitutes the principal or primary residence of [...]

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    Release Director and Officer Liability through Chapter 11 Corporate Bankruptcy

    Chapter 11 Corporate Bankruptcy Documents for filing bankruptcy Chapter 11 Many times a corporate Chapter 11 bankruptcy debtor proceeding through the reorganization process has liabilities that bind directors and officers. For example, a director or officer may have signed a guaranty in favor of a creditor or a credit application which many times have hidden guaranty clauses for the individual signing the credit application. In some instances, corporate credit cards may convey potential [...]